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Medical, Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic Services

Laser treatment patientDr. Biren offers a wide range of exciting treatments to brighten and improve your skin’s appearance. Medical advances available today can improve facial features, preserve or reduce the effects of sun damage and aging, and provide other enhancements.

Before deciding on a cosmetic procedure, it is important to remember that cosmetic treatments may not be covered under your health insurance plan. If you have questions on whether a procedure is covered, talk with your health plan provider or us to obtain an insurance preauthorization before you receive services.

We offer the following cosmetic services:

Belotero Balance temporarily smooths out and fills in moderate to severe folds or wrinkles that go from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth. For more information about Beltero please visit their website.

Boxtox is a quick and non-invasive procedure, which smoothes out frown lines, crows feet, or forehead lines. For more information about Botox please visit their website.

Chemical peels remove damaged outer layers of skin on the face to smooth texture, reduce scarring, and remove blemishes.

Juvéderm is a collection of fillers that add volume to different areas of the face to lift cheeks, smooth lines, reduce scarring, or plump lips. To learn more about Juvéderm please visit their website.

Radiesse is an injectable filler that is made from one of the building blocks our bodies use to make bone. It reduces wrinkles, creases and scars by augmenting the body’s natural collagen supply. For more information about Radiesse please click here or visit their website.

Restylane is designed to smooth wrinkles, sculpt lips and shape facial contours. For more information about Restylane please click here or visit their website.

Sclerotherapy treats spider veins by injecting a salt solution into the veins which causes them to gradually disappear.

Sculptra is a novel filler restoring volume to sagging or wrinkled areas of face. This filler is used when treatment of individual lines would not be beneficial. To learn more about Sculptra please visit their website.

Ultherapy is a natural, nonsurgical way to lift, tone and tighten your skin using safe ultrasound technology. To learn more about Ultherapy please visit their website.

Voluma is part of the Juvéderm collection of fillers and is designed to add volume beneath the skin’s surface to lift and contour the cheeks. To learn more about Voluma please visit their website.

Xeomin is another form of botox that provides a quick and non-invasive procedure that smoothes out frown lines, crows feet, or forehead lines. For more information about Xeomin please visit their website.

Latisse is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. For more information about Latisse please click here or visit their website.


HYDROQUINONE (skin lightening)

PHAROS EX-308, is a high powered and versatile excimer laser for clinical dermatology including psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, and leukoderma. For more information about Pharos EX-308 please click here.

Palomar Pulsed Light and Laser Systems include the StarLux, MediLux and EsteLux Systems. Each laser is designed for the overall improvement of skin tone and texture. For more information about Palomar Laser please click here or visit their website

Our office recommends these skin care products. You can learn more about them by visiting their websites at the links below.



 Obagi Medical

 Topix (private label anti-aging and skin care line)