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Medical, Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology


What role can a dermatologist play in the care of my skin?

A dermatologist can help you care for your skin in important ways:

Diagnosis: Dermatologists diagnose skin disease quickly and effectively by noting your symptoms and checking your skin. They then give you options for proven treatments.

Prevention: Dermatologists can also help you prevent unnecessary damage to your skin. They do this through education and by showing you how to examine your skin for signs of skin cancer or other skin problems.

Surgery: Dermatologists are also skin surgeons. They often perform surgery on the skin to prevent disease, provide early control of disease or improve how the skin looks.

Cosmetic Procedures: Dermatologists can improve the appearance of skin damaged by aging, sunlight or disease. Some ways they do this include chemical peels, liposuction and the removal of skin growths, discoloration or unwanted veins.

Is there a certain age when people should first see a dermatologist?

No. Since skin problems can affect people of all ages, dermatologists treat people of all ages. We recommend that you or your family members should see a dermatologist whenever you have symptoms of skin trouble.

When might I benefit from regular visits to a dermatologist?

Some adults regularly visit a dermatologist to help detect conditions such as skin cancer early. Since skin cancer is the most common cancer, it is a good idea to regularly see a dermatologist for skin checkups.